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Best Dentistry & Cost 

24 months Interest Free* 7am - 6pm (earlier or later by appointment).  

Together with the Dental Specialists we refer to, our dentists have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a wide variety of dental care options. We offer a range of services to ensure that you have the best possible dental experience, Best Dentistry & Cost.

We offer Savings through our Payment Plans.  Ask for Ange on 07 856 4116

Best Dentistry & C O S T

During Lockdown we worked hard to offer you favourable payment options 

C O S T 

If you're not on one of our one year payment plans, you will pay Standard Fees.  The usual "pay on the day" rules apply.   Please note these prices have not been adjusted upward yet to reflect the inflationary prices we now pay for all equipment and dental materials.

P A Y M E N T   P L A N S  


Now Exclusive to Villa Dental  

A S S U R E P L U S *   

Allows you to SHARE the benefits

  • COUPLE Share Plan                     

Save 35% on General and Cosmetic dentistry*  and freely share the Value of your plan between two nominated people.   This plan will not only save you money, but allows you to make the most of the benefits of the value thereof by sharing with a special other when they need it.

  • Super FAMILY Share Plan           

Save 35% on general and cosmetic dentistry* and freely share the Value of your plan amongst eight nominated family members.  This plan is ideal for families and the benefits can be shared around as family members need to go to the dentist.

  • WORKPLACE Share Plan                

Save 35% on general and cosmetic dentistry*and freely SHARE benefits amongst nominated employees.   This plan is individually tailored to Workplace size and is beneficial to both employees and their employer.

Best Cosmetic Dentistry Team, Cost & Equipment

Villa Dental NZ for the Best Dentistry at best Cost.

Villa Dental NZ  performs a wide variety of dental procedures for your oral health aiming to provide Best Dentistry at best Cost.

You are important to us so we choose, nurture and mentor a kind, gentle and understanding team for your comfort and care.

The Best Dentistry & Cost

Everybody should have access to the Best Dentistry & Cost.

Committed to Excellence

The heart and soul of Villa Dental, our team of passionate dental professionals care about what they do and will welcome you like part of the family. 

Using only state of the art equipment, with 3D and Digital Imaging, we offer you services that cover your dental needs, from life changing cosmetic dentistry, painless injections and urgent dental care, to using laughing gas for the fainthearted. 

Come and see us for a dental experience you will enjoy. 

With a wealth of experience in the industry and having been providing dentistry services since 1998 in New Zealand we enjoy serving your needs. 

Short on time?

During Covid Level 1 our Hamilton team are here from 8am to 5pm every week day.  Should you wish to save time with our Same Day Service where all treatment is completed in one go, make sure to ask for Same Day Service and the Best Cosmetic Dentistry so you can walk out with everything done.

We think ‘dentist’ and ‘relaxing’ should share a sentence with Best Cosmetic Dentistry

Did your last trip to the dentist include a complimentary hand massage, hot towels, and jewellery cleaning? We’ve thought of every little detail, from your barista coffee to our handpicked waiting room book selection.  

At Villa Dental Hamilton, we celebrate fun, understanding and connection alongside great dental care. 

Do you need a solution to unplanned dental cost?  We can also assist with an individualised payment and treatment plans that are interest free for 24 months*.  We think everyone has a right to great dental care at an affordable cost. * Lending terms and conditions apply



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