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Bringing back kindness to Dentistry

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When Dr Henk and Annette Eksteen came to New Zealand from Africa in 1994 and opened a dental practice, they realised visiting the dentist was the last thing on people's minds.

“We found there were :

Two fears: 

  1. fear of pain, and  
  2. fear of cost

holding people back from optimal dental health, and once we understood, we wanted to change the perception of dentistry, to bring kindness back, to make it an experience patients would enjoy and could afford." she says.

Annette and Hank understand the challenges of dental visits, and their practice championed  painfree dentistry in NZ. 

Part of their solution to that is an inventive new healthcare offering. Patients can sign up for individualised payment plans.  One of these is a five-year package at an investment of $6997 For that they have an impressive range of cover, worth a benefit of $17,691. *Conditions apply. It’s a risk for the practice, given the saving they are offering, but the real payoff may be in patients being more engaged in their own dental healthcare and taking a more preventive approach. 


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