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Complete your smile with our dental implants

If missing teeth are causing you problems, The Old Villa Dental can not only fix the problem, but keep your teeth and jaw healthy. The most effective solution to missing teeth are dental implants. We are proud to provide this procedure in our Hamilton surgery.

Our Implants

It is important to replace the root of a missing tooth, as without it, the surrounding teeth may shift in order to fill the gap. This can cause problems with chewing and can potentially change the shape of your face. That’s why dental implants are important to maintaining your health, comfort and appearance.

Our dental implant procedures, are extremely effective and straightforward. To start, a small titanium screw is fitted into the jaw bone. This will take the place of the tooth root. A crown is then attached, to make it look and feel like a natural tooth. Our crowns are made from high-grade porcelain to perfectly blend into your smile.


There is another type of dental implant called a “mini” implant. These are commonly referred to as MDIs. MDIs are miniature titanium bolts that act as tooth root replacements. This particular type of implant uses screws that have heads shaped like a ball. The ball-shape then allows the MDI to snap into place.


At the Old Villa Dental, we are proud to provide professional services that will give our clients a beautiful, straight smile. If you would like to make an appointment or have any questions about our services in Hamilton, please feel free to give us a call today on (07) 856 4116.

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