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50% OFF Limited Offer. Join Villa Dental Loyalty Membership Program before 30th July, 2020

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 Offer Urgently share with Family & Best Friends

Limited Spaces available

Best Cost of Dentistry  

The Pay to Unlock 50% off your Dental Cost Offer ends on the 15th August, 2020

Offer ENDS 15th August, 2020
Here's how to join the Villa Dental Loyalty Program:

  1. Pay to unlock 50% off your Dental Cost.  Your loyalty unlocks ours to you.
    Pay your two year membership contribution upfront and knock 50% off your Dental Cost for the next Two Years*.
  2. This is a limited offer that ends on the 15th August, 2020.   Please share with friends and family who can benefit.  Membership Dental treatment for two years starts in August,2020 until August 2022.

 *A deal this good has Conditions that apply, AND even they are good...

When it comes to paying, we have various PAYMENT Plans for up to 60 months* Interest Free *The usual lending Terms & Conditions apply

BUY LOCAL Your loyalty unlocks ours to you

Up to 60 months* Interest Free at standard fees (The usual lending Terms & Conditions apply), OR
Apply for one of our Dental Payment Plans for up to 60 months Interest Free* or
Join our Villa Loyalty Membership Program for 50% off your Dental Cost for up to a value of $6,000* over two years.    *A deal this good has Conditions that apply, but even they are good!
Some people prefer to Lay Buy and pay ahead...

Drive to Hamilton, it's easy and you're supporting a NZ Dental Practice.                             

Villa offers Best Cost for Quality Dentistry

Limited Offer Limited Availability Best Cost of Dentistry

Since Covid-19 everything has changed.  Masks that used to cost $1.75 each, now costs $4.97...          At Villa Dental we have space, capacity and goodwill.                                                      

"This plan is ideal for kiwi families looking for certainty in respect of their dental needs in uncertain times and to control costs"

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