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Teeth are just the beginning when practising good oral health

Dental health doesn’t just start and end with a person’s teeth. There are other problem areas that must be maintained.

Gum disease is chronic bacterial infection that not only affects gums, but your overall oral health.

It begins with plaque, which contains harmful bacteria, that isn’t removed from teeth by brushing and flossing. Plaque then develops into tartar, which if left on the teeth and around gums can cause gum disease.

Symptoms include:

  • swollen, puffy and bleeding gums, 
  • spaces between teeth, 
  • tooth sensitivity, 
  • bad breath and loosened teeth. 

Even though symptoms are common, many people don’t realize there is a serious problem until teeth become loosened and begin to fall out.

To help prevent this infection you should brush and floss regularly and visit our offices for scheduled oral hygiene visits.


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