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For 50% OFF* | Pay to Unlock your Villa Dental Premium Membership*

Pay to Unlock 50% Loyalty Membership Program*


Limited Opportunities

Offer ends on 15th August, 2020

Premium Members pay to unlock all Offers and Special Prices                                           Two Year Program ONLY

A.    Pay $600 every year for two years and                                                                                     Unlock your Premium Membership Fee of  before 15th August, 2020

B    Premium Members pay 50% ONLY for Porcelain Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Veneers,                     Fillings, Examinations, Xrays (up to the value of $6,000).  

C   Premium Membership activates from the 15th August, 2020 until 15th August 2022

D    Same Day Treatment can apply

E.   Payment options of 6 to 60 months Interest Free *Normal Lending Terms and Conditions apply  

*50% Off Terms and Conditions apply 

*50% Premium Membership Excludes: 

·       3D & OPG Xrays

·      Root Canal work (Endodontics)

·      Extractions,

·      Orthodontics,

·      Implants,

·      Oral Surgery,

·      Periodontist,

·      any Dental Specialist work

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